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We consign, purchase, and sell men's upscale clothing, furniture and decor. 

Our tuxedo rental service is one of the most highly regarded in the Annapolis area, primarily because of the care we take in proper fitting and personal attention.





Please stop by our store in Annapolis for a visit! You can also make an appointment for a more thorough consultation.


Group tuxedo measurements are available at a client's residence or place of business.


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 Tuxedo Rentals in Annapolis

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We go far beyond just recommending a shirt,  jacket or pair of shoes - we consult on the latest fashions and how they fit into your life.


We specialize in Danish modern, Mid-Century modern, Contemporary or Retro furniture along with high-end art and decorative items and accessories.


We are a premier destination for renting that handsome tuxedo for your prom or wedding. Please contact us and make an appointment to get fitted for your next big event.

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Growing up in Bucks County PA, I was fortunate enough to have parents who loved to go to flea markets, auctions and estate sales. You don't have to pay retail for something when it's been used a couple of times. I loved it and was hooked! I was always into fashion as a kid and enjoyed wearing a tie to school, but in Annapolis everybody seemed to dress more casual. I will always say, "Never be ashamed to be the best dressed guy in the room." Style is a choice and one that I take seriously.


My family had opened a women's consignment store in Annapolis.  I would go into the women's consignment stores that said they carried men's clothing but it was always the same ole, same ole, one rack in the back, nothing sized, a few outdated suits and a few things the ladies would bring in that their husbands didn't want.  I owned a furniture resale store at the time, but asked, "why not also carry men's clothing as well?" Nobody else had tackled it successfully. Not just any men's clothing, but high end clothing such as Prada, Hugo Boss, Hickey Freeman, Canali and others. There had to be well dressed guys out there that had put on 20 lbs or lost 20 lbs or had a closet of great accessories that they just hadn't worn in a year or two. I searched them out. I then dedicated half of my store to high end clothes and men's accessories. Shortly thereafter I added tuxedo rentals to the mix after being appalled at the prices and poor service at the bulk men's stores. This is how Winston's Haberdashery was launched.​

Why the name? A Haberdashery is an English purveyor of men's clothing and goods. Winston, well that was my first bulldog's name and a good English name at that. Thus, Winston's Haberdashery. 

Thank you for visiting, 

Robert Nuscher

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