How it works


Some Pro tips before consigning or selling to us:

  • Make sure your clothes are presentable (neatly folded, no hangers or trash bags)


  • Clothes must be clean, stainless, odorless and free of holes, fraying and tears


  • We specialize in nearly new Men’s business, casual clothing, shoes and accessories


  • Check with the store which seasonal clothing we are buying


  • Please call or write before you bring your clothes to the store, 410-266-7877 or Contact us

Consignment or Resale?

We look forward to seeing you. Please Contact us today if you would like to consign or sell merchandise!

- Consignment -

See our Consignment Contract


We will promote your pieces! We want to know the history of your items. When and where they were purchased?  Why are you letting them go? Is there a story behind the piece?  All this information helps us to help you in selling your items to the right buyer so they can appreciate your pieces like you did and make it a part of their home.  Your used furniture and clothing are our passion!


We will do extensive advertising! Select items will be advertised in our email newsletter and on social media.  We will reach out to our clientele by keeping our media regularly updated with new arrivals and upcoming events.

Keep in mind, fashion is our business. We only accept merchandise that is in style and in season, and if we are overstocked in a certain size, category or brand we may not accept the item.

What happens to my merchandise if it doesn't sell?

Merchandise will remain at full price for 30 days. Prices will be reduced by 20% after 30 days from the date of initial consignment. A reduction of 50% will occur after 45 days. All items not picked up after 60 days will be donated or become store property.



- Resale -


What is resale? This is how it works—in our resale model you bring in your old attire and if we like it, we will pay cash for up to 30% of what we think we can sell it for. Or for an even sweeter deal, instead of cash, we will offer you an additional 10% in store credit!

Winston's Haberdashery is here to help. Please call us to evaluate entire wardrobes and closets. We will come to your home and separate items for donation and offer buy-out on items we think we can sell.


Some items are too good to donate! We support local charities and non-profits such as the Purple Heart, SPCA, Lighthouse Shelter, Habitat for Humanity and others. Gentlemen... Burberry Coats, Ferragamo and Alden shoes, Louis Vuitton wallets, Prada sunglasses, Brooks Bros suits.... turn these items into cash and donate to whichever organization is closest to your heart.


We are selective! If you are interested in contemporary, modern, mid-century, art-deco or unique…we want your items for resale!


We are hassle-free!  If you have used Craigslist or E-bay to sell your furniture, you know the hassles already…tons of calls, emails, no-show appointments, haggling with prices and not to mention all the safety concerns.  Reselling makes sense.  Let us do the work!